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Request Parameters
XML Response
Property Result Codes

Return Elements

Returned for both get-count and buy-list requests:

XML Element XML Description
<Property> Tag encapsulating the whole XML document.
<Geography> Geo request.
Tags returned dependent on Geo type.
Returned if radius is called with number of records is requested.
Returned if radius is called with mile parameter is requested.
<Options> Property request.
<IncludeALL> Or <Details>
Default is: <Details>Absentees only</Details>

Otherwise: <IncludeAll>True</IncludeAll>

True or False
<CountDetails> A breakdown of the areas’ count with the selected options.
An included area.

Area details vary by the request type:

  • ZIP type returns Zip plus 4.
  • City type returns city, state.
  • County type returns county, state.
  • Radius type returns street, city, state, ZIP.
Count of the area.
<TotalCount> Total number of records of all areas.
<Order> Buy Requests Only. Order details for a Buy request.
Order Id.
The URL to download the purchased file.
Returned if po is specified.
<Result> Returns the status code.
Indicates the status of a request. Returns Declined, Approved, or Err. See Status Codes for details.
If <StatusCode> returns Err.
See Error Codes for details.


An example:

      <Details>Absentees only</Details>
      <Geography>Orange, CA</Geography>
      <Geography>Irvine, CA</Geography>