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Request Parameters
XML Response
Property Result Codes

Status Codes

Status Code Description
Approved User ID was approved.
Declined Not a registered user.
Err Error. See Error Codes.

Error Codes

Error Code Description
100 Unrecognized ZIP Code.
101 Unrecognized city or state.
102 Unrecognized county or state.
103 Unrecognized address.
104 User ID or password not recognized.
106 Invalid user information.
108 Order failed, please try later.
109 Insufficient geographic input.
111 Request exceeds 100,000 record maximum.
112 Unrecognized state.
113 Error, please try again.
115 For the Radius geography type, please enter a number of records.
116 Sorry, you don’t have permission to access this service.
117 ZIP Code is not a valid input for the requested geography type.
121 The list cannot be used more than 5 times.
122 Order count exceeds 65,535 record maximum for Excel files.
123 Invalid option.
124 Order count exceeds 65,535 record maximum for comma limited files.