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Package Installation

Once you choose to install Clean Suite for Salesforce, you will be directed to the Package Installation Details page. This page displays the package name, publisher, and description.

1. Click the Continue Button

ListwareSalesforce GS 01 - Package Installation - Melissa Wiki
Begin Package Installation

Approve Third-Party Access

Clean Suite for Salesforce needs access to certain web sites. This page asks for your permission to allow Clean Suite access.

2. Be sure to check "Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites" and click Continue.

ListwareSalesforce GS 02 - Approve Access - Melissa Wiki
Approve Third-Party Access

Approve Package API Access

For Clean Suite to function, it needs access to selected objects in the API.

3.Click Next to approve access and continue.

ListwareSalesforce GS 03 - Permissions - Melissa Wiki
Approve Package API Access

Choose Security Level

You may choose the sercurity level for who will have access to Clean Suite for Salesforce here.

4. Select a Security level and click Next.

ListwareSalesforce GS 04 - Security - Melissa Wiki
Choose Security Level

Install the Package

5. Select Install to install the Clean Suite for Salesforce package.

ListwareSalesforce GS 05 - Install - Melissa Wiki
Install the Package

Wait for Installation

Depending on Salesforce, the installation process may take awhile. Salesforce will email you once installation is complete.

ListwareSalesforce GS 06 - Processing - Melissa Wiki
Wait for Installation