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You must first upload the file you want to cleanse and enrich.

Then select the data quality service you want to use.


By default, the File Name, File Size, Header presence, and Record Count are displayed at the top of this page.

Select Business Check Service Options

Return Dominant Business
Return the dominant business name when the company information is missing or does not match.

Review and Map the Input Columns

Match the input columns with the correct data type. The service will try to match the columns automatically, but you may need to do some fine tuning.


Check the boxes next to your desired output columns

Address Details

The Plus4 of the address.
Delivery Indicator
The RBDI Indicator based on the address.
(MAK) A unique key assigned to an address record.
A unique key assigned to the base address of a complex with apartments or suites.

Business Codes

SIC Code 1
A 6-digit SIC code for the business's primary line of business.
NAICS Code 1
North American Industry Classification System code. This is related to SIC Code 1.

Business Description

SIC Description 1
First SIC code description. Related to SIC Code 1.
NAICS Description 1
First NAICS code description. Related to NAICS Code 1.


Latitude & Longitude
The latitude and longitude geo coordinates.

Census Details

County Name
The name of the county.
County FIPS
The FIPS code of the county.
Census Block
The census block number for the address.
Census Tract
The census tract number for the address.
Place Name
The Census Bureau place name.
Place Code
The Census Bureau place code.


Location Type
Code denoting the business location type.
Code Definition
1 Headquarters
2 Branches
3 Subsidiary Headquarters
4 Single Location
Stock Ticker
The assigned stock exchange abbreviation/symbol for the business.
Web Address
The web address/domain for the business.
Employees Estimate
The number of employees who work at this business location.
Sales Estimate
The sales volume and/or assets of the business.


This section displays your selected options and columns.

Create Job Name

You must also create a name for the job.


Once we have processed your job, you may access a summary report of the job. This will show you the record counts (e.g. number of verified records, matches, etc.) and credit costs.