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Similar Solutions

Data Quality Suite
Individual Address, Name, Phone, Email Object programmers libraries or Suite.
Personator and Global Cloud Services
Contact data verification callable web service from various protocols.
MAILERS+4 Software
Desktop CASS, PAVE, Deduping.
ETL SSIS Components
Contact data verification for Enterprise customers.
Express Entry
Real-time data entry with auto-complete and verification of US addresses.
Listware for Excel
Add-in for Microsoft’s Excel® for data cleansing.

Personator Options Not Available in Listware

The following options are Personator options not available in Listware Online, along with how Listware Online is set.

Name options (set to default)
  • NameHint (set to 'Varying')
  • GenderPopulation (set to 'Mixed')
  • GenderAggression (set to 'Neutral')
  • MiddleNameLogic (set to 'ParseLogic')
  • SalutationFormat (set to 'Formal')
  • CorrectFirstName (set to 'On')
  • StandardizeCompany (set to 'On')
Address options
  • UsePreferredCity (set to 'On')
  • AdvancedAddressCorrection (set to 'On')
  • Address option Diacritics are set to it's default value ('Auto').
Email options (set to default)
  • CorrectSyntax (set to 'On')
  • UpdateDomain (set to 'On')
  • DatabaseLookup (set to 'On')
  • StandardizeCasing (set to 'On')
Verify option
  • CentricHint (set to default: Auto)
Append option
  • Append is set to 'Blank'.

Not Available in Listware

  • No detailed phone properties are available in Listware Online.
  • No detailed e-mail properties are available in Listware Online.
  • The user cannot GeoCode using only an Address Key (ie, he must provide a full address).
  • No .cfg override.
  • Input/Output properties. The underlying services (see individual product pages) offer more options.

Only In Listware

  • Brief summary report of credits consumed, number of records successfully verified for each operation.
  • Flexible, on-demand credit payment system.