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Express Entry can be accessed by clicking the 'Express Entry' button in the 'Data Entry' section.
==Credit Usage==
==Credit Usage==

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Result Codes
Returned Result Codes
Result Codes

Credit Usage

One (1) credit is consumed every time you auto complete and enter a valid zip+4 address.

The credit balance will be recalculated if either of the following is true:

  • Successfuly autocomplete and insert of 50 zip+4 addresses.
  • Actively use Express Entry for 15 minutes.

Express Entry

LWE ExpressEntry.png

Begin typing the address here to use the Express Entry lookup. A minimum of 2 characters are needed to start a lookup.
To have a selected address populate your field, with the desired address highlighted, hit either 'Enter', 'Tab', or Mouse click.
Enter a suite or apartment if needed here.
Any suite or apartment you enter here will not be validated and will not return a zip+4 when you insert the record.