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Once processing is completed, this step will display. You may take this opportunity to review, restart, or close the process.

The following operations are available:

Organization, Address
The cleansed data will appear in these fields. If there is an associated result code, you will see a small triangle in the top-right corner of the field. Mouse-over the field to see a tool-tip of the result code.


The result codes for this address will display below the 'Status' header.

Click this button to re-scan the contact information specified in the above 'Name' and 'Address' fields.
Click this button to transfer any information you changed in the 'Name' or 'Address' fields to your spreadsheet.
Prev Error, Next Error
Click 'Prev Error' or 'Next Error' to navigate through the contacts with associated error codes and review them.
Click this button to restart the data cleansing process. You will be able to select a new range of data and change any options as needed.