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System Requirements
Quick Start
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Business Coder
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Once you have registered you will need to enter your Customer License Key.

You have the option of entering your Customer License Key either when you first use Listware or at any time in the Settings menu.

Note: For customers with a Melissa Data Web Service Subscription, put in your License Key into the License Key field. This will enable the product and decrement from your enterprise account.

Set License Key on First Use

To enter your Customer License Key when you first use Listware: This will only occur the first time you open Excel after you install Listware.

Open Microsoft Excel

Open Excel. A welcome dialog box will pop-up.

LWE License Welcome.png

Enter License Key

Enter your customer License Key and click Get Started.

LWE License Activated.png

Listware is now ready to use!

No License Key Error

If you attempt to continue without entering a License Key, you'll see this dialog box.

LWE License NoLicense.png

Set License Key at Any Time

To enter your License Key at any time in the Settings menu:

Open Microsoft Excel

Open Excel.

LWE Menu.png

Listware Ribbon

Select the Listware ribbon.

LWE Menu Settings.png

Settings Tab

Select the settings tab. The Settings panel will open in Excel, to the right of the window.

LWE Tutorial Settings.png

Enter License Key

Enter your License Key under Customer License.

Once the License Key is entered, Listware will automatically check to verify your subscription. You can also click the refresh button next to 'Your Account' to force the check.