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LWE Settings Button.png

Listware settings can be accessed by clicking the 'Settings' button.

LWE Settings.png

The settings panel allows you to set and view your License Key, view your Account status, and check your version of Listware.

Your Account

License Key
Displays your Melissa Data License Key. This is generated from your License Key.
Credit Balance
Displays how many credits you have available for data cleansing processes.
Manage my Account
Click this button to access your Melissa Data account through the web portal.
Add-in Options
Click this button to view and modify your add-in options.
For more information, see Add-in Options below.
About Listware for Excel
Click this button for version, contact, copyright, and trademark information.
Check for Updates
Click this button to check for updates to Listware for Excel.

Add-in Options

LWE Settings Addin.png

Result Codes

One Result Code column per Action
There will be four Result Code columns, one each for Check, Verify, Move, and Append.
One Result Code column
There will be a single Result Code column, all types of codes (Check, Verify, Move, and Append) will be included in this single column.
No Result Code column
There will be no Result Code column (coloring and cell comments will still be added if selected below).
Suppress good Result Codes
'Good' Result Codes (ones that don't indicate any problem) will not be listed in the Result Code column(s).
For US Check and Verify these are codes that start with ‘AS’. For Global Check, if an address returns a result code AV21-AV25, it and any other AS codes will be suppressed. Otherwise, if it is AV11-AV14, then the AS codes will not be suppressed.
Suppress change Codes
'Change' Result Codes (ones that indicate a correction) will not be listed in the Result Code column(s). However, coloring and cell comments will still reflect changes if those options are activated.

Output Columns

Change cell's style
New columns will be added with a yellow-tinted background to help you differentiate them from you original data.
Change cell color to indicate errors, changes, etc.
Cell coloring will be used to indicate errors, corrections, moves, and added data.
Add cell comments describing errors and changes
Comments will be attached to cells to indicate errors, corrections, moves, and added data.

Note: Your choices for cell color and comments will affect your ability to fully analyze the processing results. See below.

LWE Settings Addin ChangeCell.png

If the 'Change cell color' and 'Add cell comments' options are not checked, you will not be able to analyze the processing results via the 'Review' button.

Some information may not be displayed and/or the Previous/Next buttons may not work properly.


Display Tool Tips
Choose whether or not to display tool tips on mouse-over.


Use a Proxy Server
Check this options if you use a Proxy Server.
Note: You need to restart Excel for this setting to take effect.
If you are using a proxy server, enter the url for the server here.
If you are using a proxy server, enter the port for the server here.
Enter the user name for the proxy server.
Enter the password for the proxy server.