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LWE US Button.png

After you install Listware and set your Customer License String, you are ready to use Listware. Follow along with the steps below to perform a sample cleansing on a data set with US Check & Verify.

Open a Spreadsheet

Open a spreadsheet containing your data in Excel.

Select US

Select the Listware Ribbon followed by the US Check & Verify button.

LWE US Tutorial Select.png

The US Check & Verify panel will open.

Select Data

Choose what data you want to use by click-dragging a box around it and clicking the 'Select Data to Process' button.

LWE US Tutorial SelectData.png

Once your data has been selected, click 'next' to move on to the Cleansing Operations step.

Choose Cleansing Operations

Choose which cleansing operations you require.

LWE US Tutorial Operations.png

Click 'next' to continue on to the Input Columns step.

Input Columns

Specify the input columns you want to process.

For example, if your data has Full Name, Address 1, City, State, and ZIP4, you should map these columns by selecting the column in the drop-down boxes next to its corresponding column..

LWE US Tutorial InputColumns.png

Once your input columns have been mapped, click 'next' to continue on to the Output Columns step.

Output Columns

Specify what data you want to output.

You cannot receive output for column that have no matching input unless you are using the Append action.

For example, if you have no input phone field do not select phone as an output when Append is not checked under the Cleansing Operations: This will cause a warning and US Check & Verify will not perform any actions until you change this to follow the requirements. But if you choose Append as a Cleansing Operation, you can create a phone output without a phone input because a valid name and address input is likely to append that contacts phone number.

LWE US Tutorial OutputColumns.png

Once your output data has been chosen, click 'next' to continue to the Review Settings step.

Finalize Settings

Review and finalize your settings.

If there are any warnings, they will be listed here. These will need to be resolved before you can process the data.

LWE US Tutorial Finalize.png

Click 'Process!' to begin processing your file. A progress bar will be displayed.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you refrain from editing your spreadsheet while Listware is processing.

Processing Complete

Once processing is complete you can 'Review' errors, 'Restart', or 'Close' the process.

LWE US Tutorial ProcessingComplete.png

  • Review will allow you to fine-tune your data. See step 9 for more information.
  • Restart will run the process again.
  • Close will close the side bar.


If you choose to 'Review' any Errors you will be directed to a Navigation side bar that allows you to modify any data that has returned errors.

When reviewing you can edit the input data of the current record being reviewed.

LWE US Tutorial Review.png

For example: With a record where the Organization and Address were in the wrong input columns, you can paste them into the correct field and hit re-scan. The record will then be reprocessed according to the cleansing operation. If the result returns a better result code you can then select save to write those properties to the actual sheet (You will not be charged a credit for re-scanning a previously processed record)


When you are satisfied with your data, use the Excel menu to save your spreadsheet.