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Clean Suite for Salesforce integrates many Melissa Data cloud services directly into Salesforce via components. Each component provides a certain set of functionality. With Clean Suite, you can pick and choose which components to use within your Salesforce organization based on your needs.

For an overview of the available components, see the Introduction.

Getting Started

Follow the list below to get started quickly:

  1. Install Clean Suite
  2. Setup Clean Suite
  3. Install Clean Suite Components
  4. Batch Processing
  5. Customizing Visualforce Pages

Install Clean Suite

Before getting started, download and install our Clean Suite for Salesforce app from AppExchange. For a guide on how to do this, see Installation.

Setup Clean Suite

Once Clean Suite is installed, there is some basic setup required before you can use it. For a guide on how to do this, see Setup.

Install Clean Suite Components

Based on your needs and requirements pick and choose which Clean Suite components to enable:

  • US/CAN (Personator)
    • Consult Installing Visualforce Pages for instructions on how to add the US/CAN component to your objects.
  • Global/International
    • Consult Installing Visualforce Pages for instructions how to add the Global component to your objects.
  • US property & enrichment
    • Consult Installing Visualforce Pages for instructions how to add the Property component to your objects.
  • Global address autocompletion (ExpressEntry)

Batch Processing

For users with already a large number of records, Clean Suite provides batch processing. To read more, see Batch Processing.

Customizing Visualforce Pages

Clean Suite comes with Visualforce pages already set up Contacts. To create your own Visualforce pages for other types of objects (Leads, Accounts or custom objects), see Custom Visualforce Pages.