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Package Installation

In order to install Clean Suite for Salesforce, you must first visit our page on the Appexchange here and then click Get It Now.

Salesforce Install 01 - Package Installation - Melissa Wiki
Package Installation

Choosing Installation Destination

Wait for the Where do you want to install this package window to appear. Once you have decided where you want to install Clean Suite for Salesforce, click the button that best relates to your decision. In this instance, we are choosing Install in a Sandbox.

Salesforce Install 02 - Installation Destination - Melissa Wiki
Installation Destination

Confirm Installation Details

Next you will be greeted by the Confirm Install Details window. Please confirm all details are correct, and confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions by checking the box as shown in the screenshot below. Click Confirm and Install when you are ready to continue.

Salesforce Install 03 - Confirm Installation - Melissa Wiki
Confirm Installation

Log In to Destination Account

If everything went well, you should now see the familiar Salesforce Login dialogue. Fill in the Username and Password field according to the destination you chose earlier.

  • Note: If you are installing onto a sandbox that is related to the username in the previous step, you must append the name of the sandbox to the end of your username. For instance, if my sandbox is named MelissaTest then my username would be melissadata(partner main)
Salesforce Install 04 - Login - Melissa Wiki
Login to Destination Account

Select Component Access

Next please select the Users who will have access to Clean Suite for Salesforce and click Install. For this example, we are choosing the default option Install for All Users. This can be changed at a later time.

Salesforce Install 05 - Component Access - Melissa Wiki
Select Component Access

Approve Third-Party Access

Because our Component makes use of webservices outside of Salesforce’s network, we must grant the instance permission to make calls. Click Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites and click Continue.

Salesforce Install 06 - Approve 3rd Party Access - Melissa Wiki
Approve Third-Party Access

Wait for Installation to Complete

Congratulations, we are almost done! Wait for the installation process to complete. Depending on the size of your Salesforce Organization, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. Please be patient, Salesforce will email you when this step is complete.

Salesforce Install 07 - Installation Complete - Melissa Wiki
Wait for Installation to Complete

Once you receive an email from Salesforce telling you that your installation is complete, you can move on to the next step.