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To get the most use out of Melissa Data products, you should read the Application Notes listed here. Each one goes into detail on how to use a unique feature in Melissa Data products. This is a new addition to our Web site. In time we will cover all the powerful features in Melissa Data products.

What MAILERS+4 can do to Improve Delivery Service

Tips the Advertising Mail Marketing Association has collected from members on what mailers can do in an attempt to minimize delivery delays.

Using Phone Check in MAILERS+4

A feature that verifies the Area Code + Prefix of phone numbers in a list and updates the Area Code when a new one is added.

Using Name Parse and Genderizer in MAILERS+4

A feature that parses full names into first, middle and last. Also determines the gender of a first name.

Ancillary Service Endorsements

Tells the USPS what to do with your mail piece when it is not deliverable as addressed.

Q&A about Move Update

Questions and Answers regarding the Move Update requirement of First-Class mail.


This useful program is included with Mailers+4. You can look up ZIP+4 Codes and verify addresses nationwide.