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Build 3837

Released January 2021

General Changes

Mailers+4 Build 3837 contains the new 2021 Postal rate changes that took effect January 24, 2021.

Build and Database Information

COM Object Build #
PresortObject 22372
AddressObject 17207
mdGeo 17187
PhoneObject 3145
NameObject 151

Presort Date
Zone Table 02/01/2021
Delivery Statistics 12/27/2020
Module L Label Lists 02/01/2021
ELOT Table 12/15/2020

Database Date
National Database 12/15/2020
FirstName Database 02/15/2000

Release Notes

PLEASE NOTE: You must install the December 2020 update (Mailers+4 Build: 3836 – Database Date: 12/15/2020) prior to the 2021 Rates patch.
The 2021 Rates Patch can be downloaded using one of the following methods:
Method Details
Mailers+4 Software Update The Mailers+4 Software Update should automatically prompt users to download the update when Mailers+4 is open.

This can be initiated manually by clicking "Help" – "Check for Program Updates" from the Mailers+4 Menu bar.

Mailers+4 Wiki Users can also Download the "2021 Rates Patch" located on the Mailers+4 Wiki under Current – Notices.

It can be found here: MAILERS+4

In order to confirm the most up-to-date builds are installed, please check the following within Mailers+4:
  • Click "Help" – "About Mailers+4" to confirm Mailers+4 build change to 3837.
  • Click "Help" – "Mailers+4 Information" to confirm Presort Object build change to 22372.

Please see our Product Advisory for additional information regarding the 2021 Price Changes.
It can be found here: