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Mailers+4 Installation
Desktop Install
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Individual Workstation Install

Follow these instructions to install MAILERS+4 Desktop version.


Download then Extract Mailers+4 zip file ( by right-clicking the folder and selecting "Extract All"

MP4 Install 01-Extract.jpg

Select Destination

Select the Destination of the extracted Mailers+4 file (for example, Desktop) and click "Extract"

MP4 Install 02-ExtractLocation.jpg

Run Setup

Open the newly extracted mp4_202012 folder and double-click "setup" to run the MAILERS+4 Setup Wizard.

NOTE: There may be a prompt to allow this app (Mailers+4) to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

MP4 Install 03-RunSetup.jpg

Install Mailers+4

Once the Mailers+4 Setup Wizard is open, click "Next" and proceed through the following steps to install Mailers+4 to your desktop.

NOTE: Please make sure that Mailers+4 is closed before running the Mailers+4 Setup Wizard.

MP4 Install 04-SetupWizard.jpg

License Agreement

Please Read the License Agreement and select "I accept the agreement", then click "Next" to move forward with the Installation.

MP4 Install 05-LicenseAgreement.jpg

Select Install Location

Select the Install Location for Mailers+4 and click "Next".

MP4 Install 06-InstallLocation.jpg

Start Menu

Select where the Start Menu folder will go and click "Next"

MP4 Install 07-StartMenu.jpg

Additional Tasks

Select Additional Tasks that should be performed (such as Creating a desktop Icon to make accessing Mailers+4 easier) and click "Next"

MP4 Install 08-DesktopIcon.jpg


Confirm Installation settings and click "Install".

MP4 Install 09-ConfirmInstallation.jpg


Once the install is complete, click "Finish".

MP4 Install 010-Finish.jpg

Mailers+4 should now be available to open!

MP4 DesktopIcon.png