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ASCII File Import

When I import my ASCII file into a dbase header, the data looks split between the fields?

When you import the data into a dbase header, both structures must match exactly, otherwise MAILERS+4 fills the field with data and uses any leftover data in the next field.

If you use the same file structure repeatedly, you can simply copy the dbase structure of an existing file to a new, empty header. This way, you will only have to create a header to import your ascii text file, one time.

Deleted a Field During Database Modify

During database modify I accidentally deleted a field in my list how can I get it back?

When ever you use database modify, MAILERS+4 creates a back up of your list called "(your list name).bak". Just open the .bak file and your list will be back to it's original form.

You will have to rename "(your list name).bak" to "(your list name).dbf" to be able to open the file again. Remember to delete your current file that is ruined, otherwise Windows will not allow you to rename the backup as 2 files in the same folder with the exact same name.

Data Protection

What can I do to make sure that MAILER+4 will not hurt my data?

We at Melissa Data Corp take great care to make sure that nothing goes wrong how ever it is highly recommended that you always back up any files you are going to work on with MAILERS+4 or any other program.

A rule of thumb in database management is always work with a copy of the original database, to ensure the safety of your original database.


I want to add records to my database but when I go to DATABASE, APPEND the screen is blank?

You have to design a data entry screen first before you will see anything on the database append screen. Once you design a data entry screen, you will then be able to access "DATABASE, APPEND." You can read more about this feature in chapter 17 of the MAILERS+4 manual, Data Entry.

Format Fields COPY Function

What is the COPY function for in Format Fields?

Copy saves time when you have multiple files with the same layout. You can Format one file and then use the COPY feature with the other files. When you Open a file, select Format and then Copy. The copied format will then be applied to your currently open list. Both lists must have the same layout in order for COPY to work properly.

Name Casing

Do I have any control for casing names in MAILERS+4?

Yes, there is a “Casing.ini” file you can open in any text editor to capitalize or lower case certain names\words within your “Full Name” field. The casing.ini file can be found in the \Program Data directory.