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Payment Options

What payment options does MAILERS+4 support?

There are 3 payment options to choose from:

  • Meter – Indicates that you will use a postage meter to pay for your mailing.
  • Imprint – Indicates that you will use a permit imprint to pay for your mailing
  • Stamp – Indicates that you will use pre-cancelled stamps to pay for your mailing. You can enter the stamp value in the field provided on the Postage Statement information screen.

Rate Types

What rate types does MAILERS+4 support?

MAILERS+4 supports the following rate types.

  • Profit: Applies to regular mail outside the nonprofit category
  • Nonprofit: The processing of Nonprofit Mail is exactly like Standard Mail® (A). The difference is in the rates that are charged. USPS Nonprofit rate authorization is required prior to mailing.
  • Classroom: A special periodical rate available to educational, scientific, or religious publications that are used for scholastic or religious instruction.
  • Science of Agriculture: A special periodical rate for agrarian publications (70% of the subscribers must be rural residents).