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Cannot Select a Specific Presort Print Tray

I want to select a specific tray of my presort to print, how ever the option is not available to me why?

You can only choose a specific tray if you have only one job checked in your job list. You will need to go back to presort options and then remove all the checks except the one mailing you would like to reprint the tray from.

MAIL Merge Won't Run

Why won't MAIL Merge run on my standard version of MAILERS+4?

Mail Merge is a working feature of MAILERS+4 in the Professional version only. You can check to find out if you have the standard or professional version by going to "Help" on the menu and choosing "About MAILERS+4." There it will show you which version you have.

Same Line Graphics and Text

In MAILERS+4 Mail Merge how can I get both graphics and text on the same line?

Go to OBJECT from the INSERT menu of Mail Merge and use CREATE NEW to choose MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT from the "Object Type" window.

Select OK and make sure RULER is checked in the VIEW menu of your new Word Document. Click on your Word Document bounding box and resize it to the width of your envelope. After selecting TEXT BOX from the INSERT menu of Word, click and drag the crosshair cursor to create text box.

Type your address into the text box you just created. Now click off your text box to deselect it. From the PICTURE sub-menu, select a graphic category and choose an image to insert. You can reposition the text and graphic by clicking and dragging them to your desired location. to return to Mail Merge, click on the Mail Merge document screen.