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ZIP Codes Contain Zeros After Import

After pulling my data into MAILERS+4, some of my ZIP Codes have only zeros in them. Why?

Your ZIP Code field has been defined as a numeric-type field, which won't work for several reasons. Numeric fields are designed to carry numbers only, with no leading zeros. Your data may be truncated, or result in a decimal number. ZIP Code fields should be defined as a character-type fields to accommodate ZIPs that begin with zero as well as the dash when entering the 9 digit ZIP Code.

Helpful Hint: When using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, be sure to format your ZIP Code column as Text rather than General or Numeric. This ensures proper transfer of your data.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements for MAILERS+4?

  • Windows 98® or higher
  • Minimum 120 megabytes of free hard disk space
  • Minimum 64 megabytes of RAM
  • 20X speed or higher CD-ROM Drive

File Types

What file types can MAILERS+4 open?

ASCII fixed width (.TXT), dBase files (.dbf*), Microsoft Access files (.mdb), Microsoft Excel files (.xls) and comma delimited files (CSV**).

* With dbase files MAILERS+4 can open up dbase 3 & 4, visual fox pro, and ACT 3.0 files.

** Comma delimited files are converted to dbase 3 upon opening the file in MAILERS+4.

.ms4 File

What is the .ms4 file?

The .ms4 file is a sister file that is created when you open your file in MAILERS+4. It does not contain your actual data, it only holds indexes for Address Check and Presort, formatting and Address Check results.

No Dash Between 5 digit ZIP Code and Plus 4

Why is there no dash in between the 5 digit ZIP Code and the Plus 4?

Your ZIP Code field is a numeric type. The software doesn't recognize the dash as a number and eliminates it. Change your ZIP Code field to character or text type. Also check the length of your ZIP Code field. Make sure the length is 10 or more.

Duplicate Records Deletion

How do I delete duplicate records in MAILERS+4 from my Access Database?

To delete duplicate records from your access database you must first insert a DUP ERROR field into your file with a length of one. Once you have the DUP ERROR field in your list, go to the FORMAT FIELDS feature underneath the FILE menu. Format this field as DUP ERROR on the DUPCHECK TAB at the top of the format screen. After you have formatted your DUP ERROR field click on OK and go to the DUPLICATE CHECK feature under the LIST MENU.

When you are done running the DUPLICATE CHECK on your list the software will append a component of "D" for duplicate into the DUP ERROR field. These records are now marked for deletion within your list. To permanently delete these records click on the PACK feature underneath the DATABASE MENU. There will be a check in front of DUPLICATES on the PACK screen. Click on the pack button and MAILERS+4 will erase your duplicates.

New Field Insert

How can I insert a new field into my database?

Open your list in MAILERS+4. Select Modify from the Database menu. The Modify list screen will appear with the fields from your list in the "Fields" window. Press the Insert button to add a new field. The text "NEWFLD1" will appear in the "Fields" box and in the "Name" Box. In the Name box, change "NEWFLD1" to the name you want the field to have and you may also change the type and length of the field.

Permanently Delete Records

How do I permanently delete records out of my list?

Under the DATABASE menu there is a PACK feature. PACK permanently removes records that have been marked for deletion. You also have the option of packing out records which have address, duplicate, phone, or general errors (if you formatted the corresponding fields in your list prior to running their respective features). After selecting PACK from the DATABASE menu on the MAILERS+4 main screen the PACK screen will appear.

Choose whether to pack out all the "Deleted" records in your list ( that have been marked for deletion), or those with error codes in the "Address Error, "Dup Error", "Phone Error", or "Error Code" fields. A check mark will appear next to the options you select. Last, select PACK to begin or CANCEL to quit.

Number of Pieces for Each SCF

How do I determine the number of pieces I have for each SCF in my list?

The post office requires a minimum number of pieces in order to qualify for desination discounts. Using TALLY will give you a better idea of which destination discounts you may be eligible for. Select TALLY from the LIST menu of the MAILERS+4 Main Menu screen. The Tally Options screen will appear. Choose SCF (Sectional Center Facility) to indicate the type of data for TALLY to count.

Enter a number in the "Show Top" box to see only the top 10 (or whatever number you enter ) entries for a selected category in your list. Select GO when you are ready to begin or Cancel to return to the MAILERS+4 Main Menu screen. The SCF TALLY report will give you the Rank, the three digit ZIPCODE for the SCF, City and State information and Percentage of total records for each SCF.

Unmark Records Marked for Deletion

How do I unmark records that are marked for deletion?

Use Recall to "unmark" records marked for deletion. To open Recall, select it from the Database menu on the MAILERS+4 Main Menu. The Recall screen will appear. The Current Record number will appear in the current record number box. To change the current record, simply type in a new record number. The Range feature lets you choose whether to recall the deleted records in a range, in the rest of the list, or all of the list. The Next option allows you to recall deleted records from a range beginning with the current record. The Rest option allows you to recall all deleted records from the current record to the end of the list. The All option is for recalling all the deleted records in the list. Once you have your options selected click on the Recall button to unmark your records for deletion.


What is ACS?

Address Correction Service (ACS) is a Move Update service from the USPS. If a mail carrier cannot deliver a mail piece, you will be notified of the the new address. To use this service you will need to sign up with the USPS by calling .....(get the ACS number).

City/State/Zip Field Parsing

How do you parse a City/State/Zip field?

Format the "Delivery Address" field and "City/State/Zip" field in your list. Next add separate "City," "State," and "Zip" fields in your list using the Modify feature under the database menu. If your new "ZIP" field is at least 9 characters long, the +4 Code will be added automatically (if 10 characters, a hyphen will be added). Otherwise, format a separate "Plus4" field if you want the +4 Code appended to your list. Next, Select OK from the Master Format screen and Go from the Address Check Option screen. Address Check will verify that the data in your "City/State/ZIP" field is correct, then copy in into the new fields.