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Printed Label Order

When I print my label they are coming out in the order of my original list not in the presorted order?

If you have just ran Presort and your labels are not printing in presorted order, go to the "SEQUENCE" tab under List/Print Labels/Address Labels and make sure that you have selected presort in the "PRINT ORDER" box on the "SEQUENCE" tab.

No Printed Barcode on Labels

Why is MAILERS+4 not printing a barcode on my labels?

Only "Automation" mails receives a barcode. If your mail is "Automation" do you have barcode in your label template? If you have barcode in your template do you have a delivery point field formatted. If you have a delivery point field formatted does it have data in it. If it does not, you must make sure that the length is set to 3 and run address check.

Having either the ZIP Code, ZIP+4 or DPBC field defined a numeric will cause problems with the barcode. If any of these fields are numeric, change them to character under "DATABASE, MODIFY". Then rerun address check to correct the data.

Required Reports for Post Office Mailing

What reports do I need to bring to the Post Office with my mailing?

There are three forms you need to submit to your post office. The first form you need is the CASS (Form 3553). This form is used to meet the USPS requirements for proof of address correction. Once Address Check has verified your list, click on the CASS (Form 3553) button from the Address Check Results screen or select Cass Form from the Address Check sub-menu of the list menu on the main menu screen and print.

The next form you need is the USPS Qualification Reports. These reports contain tray numbers, package types, 5-Digit ZIP Codes, 3-Digit ZIP Codes and totals for each classification. Print this report by choosing Results from the presort sub-menu of the list menu, clicking on next twice, and selecting Qualification Report then Print.

Note: You must print out a Qualification Report for each mailing you qualify for.

The last report you will need is the Postage Statement. This report is accessed from the same Presort Results screen as the USPS Qualification report. Just select Postage Report from the presort reports screen. This will open the Postage Statement screen where you can print your report. To combine all your mailings onto one statement simply highlight all the mailings you qualified for and then Print.

Print Routine Summary Tab Empty Data File

When I go through the print routine and I get to the summary tab, MAILERS+4 tells me I am working on a empty data file?

This message indicates that you don't have a Presort job selected. In the Presort Options screen you will see the Job List window. In the Job List window is a list of the mailings. Check the mailings you wish to print. Then continue the print routine.

"Endorsement Line is not Defined"

When I get to the Summary Tab under List/Print Labels/Address Labels MAILERS+4 says "Endorsement Line is not Defined" ?

While in the print routine go to the Sequence Tab under the Print Labels function and set the Print Order to Presort. Then continue printing.

Separator Label

What is a "Separator Label"?

A Separator Label indicates the start of a new package, tray or sack. They make it easier to tray and package the mail. You can choose from 3 types of separator labels. The simplest is a Blank label. A Marker label prints ** on a regular label to indicate a change. The most useful is the Header Label. It prints a descriptive summary of the next package/container.

Creating Address Labels in MAILERS+4

How do I create my own address label in MAILERS+4?

If your label doesn't match any label type in the "Label Description" list under the Print Labels function, you will need to create your own label type. In the Form screen, click on New. A blank Label Definition screen will appear. Type in your description in the "Label Description" box. Type in the height, width, top margin, left margin, lines between, columns between, number of labels per page and paper length. Select Add to save it or Cancel to ignore any changes.

Resuming Previous Print Job

How do I start where I left off in my print job?

If label printing is interrupted, you can restart printing from the last label printed. To select which label to start printing at go to the Sequence Tab in Print Label. In the Print Range box click on Select. Then click on the Find Page button. In the box under Enter Text to Search, enter some text (name, address, etc.) from the last label you printed. Click on Search. MAILERS+4 will search for a record containing your text and put it in the Found Label box. Last, click on finish and print the rest of your print job.

Note: When you are printing in Presort Order you can only use the Find Page function if no more than one job (sort) is checked in the Job List window of the Presort Options screen. Check the Job List window before beginning your search to make sure you have the right job selected.

Printing CASS Form or Postage Statement to File

Can I print my CASS Form or Postage Statement to a file?

You can print your CASS Form 3553 and your Postage statement to a file. When you click on the print button a print dialogue window will appear before you click on ok to print. You will see a radio button called “Print to file”. Put a check in this box and your Cass Form or Postage Statement will print to a .PRN file.

Add "Container Number" or "Number of Pieces" to Tags

How do I add the “Container Number” or the “Number of Pieces” to my Tray/Sack tags?

You can add this information to the tray tags by clicking on the “Container Tags Option” button on the “Suggested Mailings” screen within the presort function. You can add the Container Number, Container Size, Number of Pieces, and even draw a border or add your own unique identifier using the “Other” input box.

Printing "Container Number" and "Number of Pieces" on Tags

How can I print the Container number and the number of pieces on my tray/sack tags?

You can print extra information on your tray/sack tags by clicking the “Container Tags Options” button on the “Suggested Mailings” screen in presort.

You have the option to print the “Container Number" and “Number of Pieces” along with other info such as “Container Size” or you can enter in your own information or notes using the “Other” option.