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Purchase RBDI

How do I purchase the RBDI add-on?

Call your customer sales rep at 1-800-800-MAIL

Initiate RBDI

How do I add the RBDI Indicator to my file?

Your customer service rep will give you a License Key when you purchase the RBDI add-on.

  • If you already have MAILERS+4 installed, click on Tools and select System Options. Now enter your RBDI code in the New License Key box. Click the Add button, then OK, and you’re ready to go.
  • If you are installing the RBDI add-on at the same time you are updating a version of MAILERS+4, the first screen that opens will prompt you to enter the License Key for RBDI, and any other add-ons you may have purchased. From there, just continue hitting NEXT until you get to INSTALL.

Once installation is complete…

  1. Open a file. You will need to add the RBDI field to your template using the MODIFY function in the pull-down menu of the Database. Enter "RBDI" in the Name field and hit Insert. Now save and close this window, then go to FORMAT.
  2. Select the Advanced button on the bottom of the first screen.
  3. From the Advanced Format window, highlight the RBDI field and check the Business/Residential and hit OK.
  4. You’re ready to run Address Check as usual! Now close that window and your checked file will be up on your screen.
  5. View the RBDI result codes. You’ll find them at the far right of your file. MAILERS+4 will only append the RBDI code to addresses that were verified with a ZIP + 4 code. R: Residential; B: Business; U: Unknown.