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What is NCOAlink?

NCOAlink is the technology from the U.S. Postal Service which allows Smart Mover to easily and securely access to change of address information. Smart Mover is an add-on for MAILERS+4 that allows NCOAlink processing directly from within the software. It enables you to obtain up-to-date change-of-address information for valid address entries in your data.

Overriding Old Data and Outputting Addresses

Will Smart Mover override my old data or can the new addresses be outputted to another field?

You have the option of doing both with Smart Mover. You may choose the “Input” option which writes the standardized data to the input fields over your existing data or you can choose the “Output” option in which it will write the standardized data to fields formatted as “Output”. If these output fields do not already exist, you will need to add them to your database.

Running Address Check Before Smart Mover

Do I need to run address check before running Smart Mover?

It is not necessary to run address check before processing your list through Smart Mover. Smart Mover will CASS certify your list (Coding Accuracy Support System) to the DPV level (Delivery Point Validation) during processing.

Knowing About Moves Without Updating the File

What if I just want to know if any moves have taken place without updating my file?

You can use the “Footnote Only Processing” option for this purpose. When this box is checked, Smart Mover will check the input addresses against the NCOAlink database and then return footnote fields which indicate if any moves have taken place and the accuracy of the match to the NCOAlink data. No address information is updated in your data base.