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Opening Multiple Files

I can’t open multiple files in MAILERS+4 anymore. Why?

The user interface has been changed and multiple files cannot be opened anymore. Multiple instances of the program can and must be opened to work with multiple files. Multiple files can only be opened when using the “Duplicate Check” feature of MAILERS+4.

Print in "Record" or "ZIP" Order

In the past I was able to print in “Record” or “ZIP” order but now those options are grayed out? Why?

The new standard for printing barcodes is to use the IMb™ (Intelligent Mail ® barcode). The IMb™ can only be printed in “Presort” order so to print in “Record” or “Presort” order, check the radio button “POSTNET™ barcode.”

New CASS Cycle M

How will the new CASS Cycle M affect the way MAILERS+4 processes my list?

The new functions of CASS Cycle M should not cause any delay in processing time. If anything, it will be just another way for mailers to reduce waste on undeliverable mail and save money on postage and printing. And that’s a good thing because high density prices for plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) mailings will increase on July 19, just as rates for high density Standard Mail flats go down. All the more reason to take advantage of CASSTM processing.

Print Tray/Sack Tags Menu

With the new interface of MAILERS+4, where do I find the Print the Tray/Sack Tags menu?

All the mailing reports can now be accessed and printed on the same page. After the presort is done, you will be brought to the “Mailing Results” screen. Click “Next” to the “Reports” screen. You can print the “Qualification Report,” “Mailing Summary,” “Presort Parameters,” “Zone Listing,” “Bundle/Container Report,” Postage Statement,” and the “Tray and Sack Tags” from this screen.

Populating the Move Update Method

How do I populate the “Move Update Method” section of the postage statement?

MAILERS+4 now has the ability to fill out the “Move Update Method” section of the postage statement. You can do this by selecting one of the following update methods on the Postage Information screen in the “Presort” function of the software. Ancillary Service, ACS™, OneCode ACS®, FASTforward®, Alternative, n/a Alternative Address, NCOALink®, and Multiple.

Print a Portion of the Postage Report

How do I print only a few pages of the postage report in MAILERS+4?

Since MAILERS+4 now prints all the reports in .pdf format, you must first preview the report. On the “Mailings” page after you run presort, select “Postage Report” and click the “View” button. Now, when you go to print the postage statement, you can specify how many pages of this report you want to print.