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MAILERS+4 Installation Navigation
Mailers+4 Installation
Desktop Install
Shared Directory Install
Individual Workstation Install

MAILERS+4 Installation Versions

MAILERS+4 has the following installation methods:

Depending on which Mailers+4 product you have, you'll want a specific type of install. Read on for more information of each install type.

Desktop Install

This is the main install type for MAILERS+4 Desktop. If you have purchased MAILERS+4 Standard or MAILERS+4 Professional, this will install the standalone MAILERS+4 Desktop product.

ProServer Install

For the MAILERS+4 ProServer product there are two install methods, Shared Directory and Individual Workstation.

Shared Directory Install

When you're using multiple machines and want to save space on your machines by using a shared directory, use this install method.

Individual Workstation Install

If you only want to install MAILERS+4 on a single workstation, use this install method.