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Individual Workstation Install

Follow these instructions to install the MAILERS+4 ProServer Individual Workstation version.

The MAILERS+4 ProServer Individual Workstation Install is meant to install the full MAILERS+4 program on one workstation.

Multiple Setup Executables

There are 3 different setup.exe files you need to be aware of and distinguish between:

File Name Description
setup.exe This installs the data files to a shared directory. This is the first of two steps. After installing this to a shared directory, you have to install SETUP.exe to the individual workstations from the shared directory you installed setup.exe to.
SETUP.exe This installs the program to the individual workstations from the shared directory where you installed setup.exe to.
setup-client.exe This is for the individual workstation and performs a full install of both the program and it's related data files. This automatically installs the data files to the C drive.

ProServer Individual Workstation Install

If you purchased the ProServer version of MAILERS+4, you have the option of installing it to an individual workstation.

NOTE: The MAILERS+4 ProServer zip file follows a mp4Svr_YYYYMM format. The file you download will have a different YYYYMM code than the following examples. For the rest of this tutorial we'll use mp4Svr_202007, meaning a MAILERS+4 ProServer install with data files from July 2020.

Download and Extract Mailers+4 Pro Server

Download and Extract the folder.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 01-Extract.png

Identify Your Setup Files

Open the newly extracted mp4Svr_202007 folder. This is where we have to pay attention to the different setup files:
  • Setup.exe installs the data files onto the shared directory.
  • Setup-client.exe is for the individual workstation installs and what we want here.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 03-SetupFiles.png

Run Setup-client.exe

Open the Extracted folder and double click the "Setup-client.exe" to install to the individual workstation.
NOTE: This is for installing to the individual workstation only and NOT the server (shared directory).
MP4 Pro-Individual Install 04-SetupClient.png

NOTE: There may be a prompt to allow this app (Mailers+4) to make changes to your device. Click Yes.
The Mailers+4 Server Setup screen should appear.

Mailers+4 Pro Server Setup Wizard

Welcome to the MAILERS+4 Server Setup Wizard! This will install MAILERS+4 Server on your computer. It is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing.
Click "Next >" to continue the Setup (or "Cancel" to exit the setup).
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 05-ServerSetupWizard.png

Accept License Agreement

Please read the Mailers+4 Pro Server License Agreement and Accept the Terms of the Agreement before clicking Next.
Select "I accept the agreement" and click "Next >" to install Mailers+4 Pro Server.
Select "I do not accept the agreement" and click "Cancel" to exit the setup.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 06-WizardLicenseAgreement.png

Select Destination Location

Select the install location for MAILERS+4 ProServer.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 08-InstallLocation.png
NOTE: a minimum of 6 GB is required to install MAILERS+4 ProServer.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 09-InstallBuildUpdate.png
NOTE: Just installing the mp4Svr_202007 updates the build.

Select Install Files

Select both "Program files only" and "Install data files locally" to fully install MAILERS+4 to this individual workstation. IF you have installed the data files on a shared directory, that's what our ProServer Shared Directory Installation Guide covers.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install-Workstation 05-InstallProgramFiles.png
MP4 Pro-Individual Install 06-FullInstall.png

Start Menu Folder

Select a Start Menu Folder Name.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install-Workstation 06-StartMenuFolder.png

Select Additional Tasks

Choose to create a Desktop icon or not.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install-Workstation 07-DesktopIcon.png


Once you've checked your install locations and settings, click "Install" to install the files to your workstation.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install-Workstation 08-ReadyInstall.png
Once this is done, you should be all set to start using MAILERS+4!