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MAILERS+4 Installation Navigation
Mailers+4 Installation
Desktop Install
Shared Directory Install
Individual Workstation Install

Follow these instructions to install the MAILERS+4 ProServer Shared Directory version.

The MAILERS+4 ProServer Shared Directory is meant to save space on machines because it allows the data files to be accessed from a shared directory.

Multiple Setup Executables

There are 3 different setup.exe files you need to be aware of and distinguish between:

File Name Description
setup.exe This installs the data files to a shared directory.
SETUP.exe This installed the Program to the individual workstations from the shared directory.
setup-client.exe This is for the individual workstation.

ProServer Shared Directory Installation

If you purchased the ProServer version of MAILERS+4, you have the option of installing it to a network.

  • Begin with a server installation to the network drive and finish at each work station with a small install off the server.
  • This will allow MAILERS+4 to run smoothly by registering the required dll’s on the client computer.

NOTE: The MAILERS+4 ProServer zip file follows a mp4Svr_YYYYMM format. The file you download will have a different YYYYMM code than the following examples. For the rest of this tutorial we'll use mp4Svr_202007, meaning a MAILERS+4 ProServer install with data files from July 2020.

Download and Extract Mailers+4 Pro Server

Download and Extract the folder.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 01-Extract.png

Select Destination

Select the Destination of the extracted MAILERS+4 file (for example, Desktop) and click "Extract"
MP4 Install 02-ExtractLocation.jpg

Identify Your Setup Files

Open the newly extracted mp4Svr_202007 folder. This is where we have to pay attention to the different setup files:
  • Setup.exe installs onto the computer.
  • Setup-client.exe is for the individual workstation installs.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 03-SetupFiles.png

Begin with Server installation to Network or Shared Directory

Double-click on setup.exe to open the MAILERS+4 Server Setup
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 04-setup.png
NOTE: There may be a prompt to allow this app (Mailers+4) to make changes to your device. Click Yes.
The Mailers+4 Server Setup screen should appear.

Mailers+4 Pro Server Setup Wizard

Welcome to the MAILERS+4 Server Setup Wizard! This will install MAILERS+4 Server on your computer. It is recommended that you close all other applications before continuing.
Click "Next >" to continue the Setup (or "Cancel" to exit the setup).
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 05-ServerSetupWizard.png

Accept License Agreement

Please read the Mailers+4 Pro Server License Agreement and Accept the Terms of the Agreement before clicking Next.
Select "I accept the agreement" and click "Next >" to install Mailers+4 Pro Server.
Select "I do not accept the agreement" and click "Cancel" to exit the setup.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 06-WizardLicenseAgreement.png

Enter Mailers+4 Pro Server License

Copy and Paste the license string for MAILERS+4 ProServer provided by your Melissa Sales Representative into the License Information box and then click "Next".
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 07-WizardLicenseKey.png

Select Destination Location

Select the install location for MAILERS+4 ProServer.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 08-InstallLocation.png
NOTE: a minimum of 6 GB is required to install MAILERS+4 ProServer.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 09-InstallBuildUpdate.png
NOTE: Just installing the mp4Svr_202007 updates the build.

Confirm Install Location

Confirm the Install location and click "Install" to begin!
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 10-Install.png
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 11-InstallBar.png

Complete the Install

Once Mailers+4 ProServer is done installing, click "Finish" to close the Wizard.
MP4 Pro-Shared Install 12-FinishInstall.png