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Please see the Melissa Product Release Notes for updated Build History moving forward:

June 2022 Release

Released: July 11, 2022
Database Date: June 2022

Build Information

COM Object Build #
Presort Object
SmartMover Version


  • Mailers Online includes the required July 2022 Postal Rate updates that took effect: July 10, 2022.
    • For PostalOne! e-Doc submitters, a new Mail.dat client ( will be required for submissions that include a Mailing Date of July 10, 2022 or after. The Mail.dat Client can be downloaded from the USPS Business Customer Gateway (BCG) (Sign In to BCG → Click “Mailing Services” in the top left under BUSINESS CUSTOMER GATEWAY → Click “Go to Service” next to Electronic Data Exchange (PostalOne!) → Download the Mail.dat Client Application under Mail.dat Support for Production.
  • Issue Resolved - Negative Tray Numbers are no longer generated in the in Mailing Summary Report, Qualification Report and .CSM Maildat File “ContainerID” field for Residual pieces as of June 1, 2022.
  • Enhancement (Upload Page) - Replaced “News” link with “Wiki” link for easy reference back to Mailers Online Wiki.
  • Enhancement (Wiki) - Replaced button for “Request Demo” with “Upload Now” for easy access back to the Mailers Online Upload page from the Mailers Online Wiki.

Release Notes

Please see the following resources from USPS PostalPro regarding the July 2022 release:

January 2022 Release

Released January 2022
Database Date: January 2022


  • Mail.dat files have been updated to Version 22-1
  • Hard copy Postage Statements have been updated to January 2022.
  • Resolved issue with special characters in Help bubbles.
  • Resolved issue where Mailers online did not process .dbf files.
Please Note:
  • The updated Maildat version 22-1 files are supported in PostalOne! System Release Mail.dat client.
  • Mail.dat Version 19-1 is no longer supported for new uploads.

Build Information

COM Object Build #
Presort Object

Please see the following resources from USPS PostalPro for additional information regarding the January 2022 release: