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MatchUp Object is a programmers library used to compare database records and determine if there are duplicates.

Matchcode Editor

MatchUp is distributed with the 'Matchcode Editor', a graphic tool which allows you to determine and create rules when comparing records.

  • Thirty five distinct datatypes (and a general catch-all)
  • Individual settings and matching algorithms for each data type
  • Run up to 16 simultaneous criteria
  • Unlimited match criteria possibilities

Methods of Operation

MatchUp offers three methods of operation (or ways to match records)...

Incremental Deduping
This operation is usually used for real-time data-entry validation. For example, a call center data entry system where an operator would like to determine whether or not the caller is an existing customer.
Read/Write Deduping
This operation is usually used for processing full lists, much in the same what that MatchUp for Windows does.
Hybrid Deduping
This operation is a cross between incremental deduping and read/write Deduping. The API is responsible for none of the data storage, which makes it appealing for some DBMS-oriented applications (using SQL Server, DB/2, Oracle, etc.).