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Mapping information is different from component information, revealing the order and mapping types that should be used when creating the mappings in any one of the deduper interfaces.


This function returns an integer value showing the number of mappings required for the current matchcode.

Mapping items differ from matchcode components, mostly in how street address lines are represented. Components include the individual address components that are used to construct the match key, such as street number and street name.

The same components are represented by the mapping items for address lines (address1, address2 and address3). No matter what order the components appear in the matchcode, the address lines mapping items appear at the end of the list of mapping items.

Syntax int = mdMC->GetMappingItemCount()
C int = mdMUMatchcodeGetMappingItemCount(mdMC)
.Net integer = mdMC.MappingItemCount


This function returns the specific type of a mapping item specified by an integer value.

The return value is a variable of type MatchcodeMappingTarget that indicates the type of mapping item found at the position indicated by the integer value passed to this function.

For a list of these enumerations, see MatchcodeMappingTarget Enumerations.

Syntax MatchcodeMappingTarget = mdMC->GetMappingItemType(int)
C mdMUMatchcodeMappingTarget = mdMUMatchcodeGetMappingItemType (mdMC, int)
.Net MatchcodeMappingTarget = mdMC.MappingItemType(integer)


This function returns a character string containing the label, if any, of the mapping item specified by an integer value.

If the specified mapping item does not have a label, this function returns the name of the mapping item type.

Syntax char = mdMC->GetMappingItemLabel(int)
C char= mdMUMatchcodeGetMappingItemLabel(mdMC, int)
.Net string = mdMC.MappingItemLabel(integer)