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Name Parser

Released February 2011

New Result Codes
  • Added new result codes to indicate if the first or last name was found in our database of actual census names. Please reference the Name Parser manual for more details.

Released June 2009

  • The Name Web Service allows you to create salutations, parse multiple names, and determine probable gender. It also improves the quality of your name database by detecting suspicious names like “Mickey Mouse”, standardize casing, and correct some first name misspellings.

Data Quality Web Service Version 2

Released March 2008

New Features
  • DQWS Version 2 is the new and improved implementation of our Web Based Solutions.
  • The Services for the new DQWS are now separated into each of its own interfaces. The following web services are currently available:
    • AddressCheck
    • GeoCoder
    • RBDI
    • IPLocator