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The following fields set the necessary options to process a list of address records.

PENT SmartMover ProcessingOptions.png

Processing Options

Specify the country of addresses to be processed.
Processing Type
This setting controls the type of Processing that will be performed on the data.
  • Standard Processing
Queries business, individual and family records. In other words, does not omit any move records from the query.
  • Business and Individual Moves
Omits family records.
  • Business Moves Only
Omits family and individual move records.
  • Individual Moves Only
Omits business and family move records.
  • Residential Moves
Omits business and return individual and family move records.
Mailing Frequency
This field accepts an integer value from 1 to 52. This is the number of times per year that the current mailing list is used for mailing. If you use it monthly, enter 12; for quarterly, use 4, etc.
Months Requested
This field accepts an integer value from 6 to 48. This is the number of months back that you want the Web service to search for a change of address.

Summary Reports

Check the box next to Summary Reports to enable their use.

List Name
This is the name that identifies the current list. It will be included in the reports that SmartMover returns after processing.
Save NCOA Summary in File
Specifying a file name will generate this report which will contain the PAF information you provided Melissa Data, identify the name of the processed list and summarize the Change-of-Address statistics.
Save 3553 CASS Form in File
Specifying a file name will generate this CASS Summary Report which returns all of the information from processing your list that would be required to fill out a CASS 3553 form.
(Advanced Options) Override default Job ID
Check this option if you want to override your existing job ID.
Use a Job ID to Retrieve past Reports
If you want to retrieve previous reports, click on “Use a Job ID to retrieve past Reports.”

Retrieve Reports

PENT SmartMover ProcessingOptions Reports.png

Job ID
Specify the Job ID here.
Save NCOA Summary in File
Specify the file location to save the NCOA summary.
Save 3553 CASS Form in File
Specify the file location to save the 3553 CASS form.
Append JobId to the Reports file name
Check this option to append the Job ID to the Reports file name.