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Input Columns

Email Address
This string value must, at the minimum, contain the basic components of an email address: two strings of text separated by a “@” character.

Output Columns

Email Address
This column returns the complete email address, standardized, and corrected according to the options selected in the Email Standardize Options.
Mailbox Name
This column returns the portion of the email address that precedes the “@” character. For “,” this column would return “ray.”
Domain Name
This column returns the domain name from the parsed email address, minus the top level domain. For “,” this column would return “melissadata” (without the “.com”).
Top Level Domain
This column returns the top level domain (TLD) indicator from the input email address. For “,” this would return the “dot com” portion.
Top Level Domain Description
This column returns the official text description associated with the top level domain. Not all TLDs have a description.

Mailbox Verification Options

Express Mode
Check the Email Address against the Web Service Email Reference Data.
Premium Mode
Check the Email Address against the Web Service Email Reference Data. If the Email has not been verified within the last 3 days in the Web Service Reference Data, run the Email through real-time Email Verification.

Note: The 'Off' and 'Mixed' options have been deprecated.

Advanced Email Options

Days Since Last Verified

Premium Mode Only

You can choose how fresh you want your data. By setting a higher value, you will receive faster responses but the data will not be as fresh. You can set this value from 3 to 365 days.