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Welcome to the Melissa Personator Web Service.

Personator™ Web Service is an all-in-one contact checking, verification, move update, and appending Web service. It allows you to pass in names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses; simultaneously parsing them, checking them for correctness, make conservative or aggressive corrections, get the latest address, and even appending data. It can also leverage all of these inputs to verify whole contact records. Since it is a Web service, Personator can be easily integrated into a wide variety of applications and you do not have to worry about finding and installing updates. Each Personator request can be configured to perform one or more of the primary actions the service provides: Check, Verify, Move and Append.


The Check action allows you to pass in a name, address, phone number, and email address as one record. A record does not need to include all of those inputs, any combination of them, or even just one is sufficient to constitute a record and be checked. This action is available for US and Canada. Exception: Address field requires a street address and either a city + state or a 5 digit ZIP Code™ to be checked. Check looks at each of these subsets independently.

Whatever the input in the Email field is, it will not affect how Personator checks the address or phone number. Within each field Personator parses input into its chief components. For example, email is parsed into the mailbox name, domain name, and top level domain name. Personator also makes conservative corrections, for instance correcting to

Personator is able to derive additional data from its knowledge base and correct the input data accordingly. Example: attaching the ZIP Code to the record that only has a street address, city, and state.

Personator checks the correctness of each subset of input. For example, it can determine whether the given street address exists within the given city and state or ZIP Code area.

The Check action allows you:

  • to pass in a series of records and find any invalid addresses, phone numbers, or emails.
  • to correct errors within the data.
  • to append additional data to the records.
  • or to parse out specific types of data from the input.

Within the Check action there is an optional feature called AdvancedAddressCorrection (AAC). This feature leverages the name input with the record to make more aggressive corrections and appends to an address. It can correct or add house numbers, cities, states, and ZIP Codes. AAC is available only for US addresses.


The Verify action compares different groups of data to the centric group defined by the user. It verifies the record as a whole, letting you know whether each group coincides with the centric piece of data in the Melissa Knowledge Base. You can define fields like address, phone number, or email as the centric data against which the other groups of data are compared. Auto-detection of the centric data is also available. The Verify action returns only results codes, telling you which sections of data passed verification against the centric data and which sections did not. With Verify, you can enter records, select the centric data as the field you are most confident in, and determine the accuracy of your input information. The Verify action is available only for US addresses.


The Move action allows you to update your US contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service allows for retrieving the most current address for a person or business. Thus if an old address is entered for a particular individual, Personator will return the latest address for that person, giving you the freshest and most up-to-date contact information.


The Append action allows you to enrich your US contact records with data returned by the Personator Web Service. The service will return elements based on the selected point of centricity which can either be the address, email, or phone. Through the Append action, you can fill in missing information in your contacts, correct them, and ensure that each of the data elements coincide, thus giving an accurate representation of each contact record.