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<!--<h3>Open Source Batch Application</h3>
<h3>Open Source Batch Application</h3>
*[https://git.melissadata.com/MelissaData/Listware/ Listware Desktop Gitlab Repository]-->
*[https://github.com/MelissaData/ListwareDesktop-NET Listware Desktop Gitlab Repository C# .NET]
*[https://github.com/MelissaData/ListwareDesktop-Java Listware Desktop Gitlab Repository Java]

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Personator™ Cloud Service provides CASS/DPV certified Address Verification and optionally leverages comprehensive Consumer data for all-in-one email, phone, name checking, name to address verification, move update, and appending missing information, demographics, enrichments.
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Current Build

Released November 2021
Build 5.2.38