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;Major Update
;Major Update
*Added Functionality for SSN Verification
<!--*Added Functionality for SSN Verification-->

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Build 5.1.5

Released July 2017

Major Update

Build 3.3.2

Released April 2015

Major Update
  • Added Functionality for Canadian Append, Verify, and Move.
New Features
  • Added PhoneCountryName and PhoneCountryCode output.

Build 3.2.65

Released March 2015

New Features
  • Added MoveConfidence(Strict|Loose) Option.

Build 3.2.59

Released November 2014

New Features
  • Added Demographics as part of the output columns
  • Added LongAddressFormat(off|on|auto) Option.

Build 3.2.52

Released September 2014

New Features
  • New mdHints Functionality for optional Speed Improvements

Build 3.2.32 (Data Update)

Released June 2014

New Features
  • Added 10 Year NCOA Move Capability

Build 3.2.32

Released February 2014

New Features
  • Free Form Input - Personator will now accept single line Input String and parse out the Address, Company, Name, Phone and Email Address. FreeForm Inputs can be both fielded and unfielded.
  • Email Append - Personator now has the capability to append Email Addresses

Build 3.2.14

Released July 2013

New Features
  • Move Update - The Personator Web Service now has the ability to return the current address for an individual or company. This can be done by enabling the action Move.

Build 1.0.00

Released November 2012

  • Initial Release