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Build 5.2.39

Released December 2020

Bug Fix

  • Made internal changes to the web service to improve Email Address Verification, resulting in more accuracy.

Build 5.2.37

Released November 2020

Major Update

  • Personator now only appends Phones and Emails when there is an exact individual match (result codes contain VR01 AND NOT VS12 AND NOT VS13)

Build 5.2.36

Released August 2020

Minor Update

  • Personator will no longer perform the append action when AS02 is returned in the results. Appends will now only occur for AS01 and AS03 result codes.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where the service sometimes returns bad phone numbers that return a PE03.
  • Fixed a bug where the service sometimes replaces a phone number with a new phone number from the Personator Database, despite setting the option to Append:Blank.

Build 5.2.35

Released July 2020

Minor Update

  • All addresses retuning Delivery Indicator of "B" will no longer return Demographic information. This is because business sites should not be returning consumer information.

Build 5.2.34

Released May 2020

Major Update

  • New featrure: opt=DecennialCensusKey:2010|off
This option toggles the census key output to return the static 2010 census key instead of the latest census key.

Build 5.2.33

Released May 2020

Minor Update

  • The NS02 Result code has been deemed unnecessary and will no longer return in the web service result codes.
  • The PS02 (7-digit coded) will no longer return it the web service result codes. Instead, phone numbers will now code to PS01 (10-digit verified).

Build 5.2.32

Released April 2020

Major Update

  • Personator now only returns demographics when there is an exact individual match (result codes contain VR01 AND NOT VS12 AND NOT VS13)

Build 5.2.29

Released February 2020

Major Update

  • New Feature: Advanced Address Type
When Advanced Address Type is set to on (&opt=AdvancedAddressType:on), the service will return more detailed Address Types.

Minor Update

  • Improvements to Canadian GeoCoding coverage and accuracy.

Build 5.2.25

Released December 2018

Minor Update

  • Further improvements done to the GeoCoding by using new input Parameters using the MAK as input to produce more accurate GeoCoding information.
  • Fixed the address format for Private Mailboxes.
  • Old: Address1 + PMB + Suite
  • New: Address1 + Suite + PMB
  • Other internal changes to improve GeoCoding accuracy.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where the pipes (“|”) would sometimes output as part of the Results.

Build 5.2.20

Released October 2018

Minor Update

  • Internal Re-work of Geocoding Engine to replace direct database access to using the GeoCoder API.

Build 5.2.16

Released August 2018

Minor Update

  • Credit Licenses are now supported within Personator. A Credit License allows users to store pre-paid credits to their license in order to access the service. Credits can be purchased through the Melissa Credit Portal. Certain features are not accessible through Credit Only Licenses including:
  1. SSN Verification
  2. IP Address Verificaiton
  3. Demographics

Build 5.2.14

Released June 2018

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where bad Canadian Email Addresses were being appended. It should now follow the same logic as the US.
  • Fixed an issue where the EmailAddress column sometimes disappears when asking for Demographics:MaskOnly or Demographics:ValueOnly
  • Fixed an issue where CBSA sometimes did not output correctly.

Build 5.2.5

Released April 2018

Minor Update

  • Global IP now returns GE27 in the TransmissionResults when a user is not subscribed to Global IP.
  • Name Centric was removed from CentricHint Cascading. Currently, when CentricHint is auto (default), Personator will check by ordering (SSN, Address, Phone, and Email) for CentricHint, until match in the data is found.

Build 5.2.2

Released March 2018

Minor Update

  • Added new output placeholder for EstimatedHomeValue. This does not currently return any values, and is reserved for future implementation.
<EstimatedHomeValue />

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where Personator was returning redundant Email Result Codes

Build 5.2.1

Released March 2018

Major Updates

  • Added Name Centric Hint. This can be set as part of the options:
  • Added BirthDay, BirthMonth and BirthYear inputs. Setting the Date of Birth allows for additional filtering in order to match on specific individuals. This can be set in the input like so:
  • Added new input for supporting IP Address
  • The following outputs were also added in support of IP Address Verification in Personator:
  • <IPAddress/>
  • <IPCity/>
  • <IPCountryAbbreviation/>
  • <IPCountryName/>
  • <IPConnectionSpeed/>
  • <IPConnectionType/>
  • <IPContinent/>
  • <IPDomainName/>
  • <IPISPName/>
  • <IPLatitude/>
  • <IPLongitude/>
  • <IPPostalCode/>
  • <IPProxyType/>
  • <IPProxyDescription/>
  • <IPRegion/>
  • <IPUTC/>
  • The new columns may be retrieved individually or by calling the requesting for the GrpIPAddress in the columns input:

Build 5.1.5

Released July 2017

Major Update

  • Added Functionality for SSN Verification.

Build 3.3.2

Released April 2015

Major Update

  • Added Functionality for Canadian Append, Verify, and Move.

New Features

  • Added PhoneCountryName and PhoneCountryCode output.

Build 3.2.65

Released March 2015

New Features

  • Added MoveConfidence(Strict|Loose) Option.

Build 3.2.59

Released November 2014

New Features

  • Added Demographics as part of the output columns
  • Added LongAddressFormat(off|on|auto) Option.

Build 3.2.52

Released September 2014

New Features

  • New mdHints Functionality for optional Speed Improvements

Build 3.2.32 (Data Update)

Released June 2014

New Features

  • Added 10 Year NCOA Move Capability

Build 3.2.32

Released February 2014

New Features

  • Free Form Input - Personator will now accept single line Input String and parse out the Address, Company, Name, Phone and Email Address. FreeForm Inputs can be both fielded and unfielded.
  • Email Append - Personator now has the capability to append Email Addresses

Build 3.2.14

Released July 2013

New Features

  • Move Update - The Personator Web Service now has the ability to return the current address for an individual or company. This can be done by enabling the action Move.

Build 1.0.00

Released November 2012

  • Initial Release