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Data Sources

Where does the Data from the Personator Web Service Come from?

The Personator Database is compiled from several sources and industries such as Property Information Data, Loan Data, Credit Data, Telephone Data, Voter Data, and several other private sources. The final combined database merges all contact records including Addresses, Phone Numbers, Emails and Names amounting to over a billion records of historical and current information. This data is then exposed through the Personator Web Service which allows for checking, verifying, appending and updating contact records. Since the service revolves heavily around the contents of the data, the exact provider for the sources is not something we can disclose at the moment as we prefer to keep this information private in order to maintain the product’s uniqueness and value in the industry.

NCOA and Personator Move Differences

What is the difference between USPS National Change of Address and Personator Move?

Users who wish to make use of the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) for detecting move addresses should use the Smart Mover Web Service. This is commonly used by users who wish to avail of USPS discounts for mailing. Personator’s Move capability on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive and extensive coverage for detecting move addresses through the use of a massive consolidated data set compiled from several different sources. Here are some of the advantages of using Personator Move that are not available through NCOA:

Non-NCOA Moves
The USPS limits its move capabilities only to people who file an NCOA Form with the Post Office. Personator Move is not limited to this, as it is able to provide Moves for even those people who do not file an NCOA form with the USPS.
10 Year Detection
Another limitation of NCOA moves is that it can only move a person who has filed an NCOA form in the last 4 years. Personator Move on the other hand can give you the latest address for a person who has moved within the last 10 years.
Chained Moves
If a person has moved 3 times within the last 4 years, NCOA will only be able to give you the most recent move based on the last previous address. Personator Move on the other hand has the ability to chain all of that person’s moves and provide you with the latest address, regardless of which of the 3 previous addresses you enter.
Personator boasts an estimated 400 million move records in the Database. Which is a much much larger coverage compared to NCOA.

Maxiumum Length Response

What is the Maximum Length Response that we can Expect to Receive for Each Field in Personator?

The Web Service Response, in general, does not have a maximum length for each Response Field. This is to avoid any form of truncation when returning information from our data. We do however have recommended values which you can set for defining field lengths in your table.

MD_NameFull 256
MD_CompanyName 128
MD_Results 100
MD_EmailAddress 75
MD_PlaceName 60
MD_CBSATitle 55
MD_CBSADivisionTitle 55
MD_AddressExtras 50
MD_AddressLine2 50
MD_AddressLine1 50
MD_DomainName 50
MD_AddressStreetName 40
MD_NameLast2 35
MD_NameFirst2 35
MD_NameFirst 35
MD_City 35
MD_CBSALevel 35
MD_NameLast 35
MD_CBSADivisionLevel 35
MD_AddressTypeCode 31
MD_PhoneNumber 30
MD_StateName 25
MD_CountyName 25
MD_CountryName 25
MD_MailboxName 25
MD_NamePrefix 20
MD_NameSuffix 20
MD_NamePrefix2 20
MD_AddressRouteService 20
MD_Suite 20
MD_Salutation 20
MD_NameMiddle2 20
MD_NameMiddle 20
MD_AddressLockBox 20
MD_NameSuffix2 20
MD_AddressDeliveryInstallation 20
MD_State 15
MD_PrivateMailBox 15
MD_UrbanizationName 15
MD_PhoneExtension 14
MD_CityAbbreviation 13
MD_Latitude 12
MD_Longitude 12
MD_DeliveryPointCheckDigit 11
MD_AddressKey 11
MD_CountryCode 10
MD_AddressPrivateMailboxName 10
MD_AddressPrivateMailboxRange 10
MD_AddressSuiteName 10
MD_TopLevelDomain 10
MD_PostalCode 10
MD_AddressStreetSuffix 10
MD_AddressSuiteNumber 10
MD_PlaceCode 7
MD_CensusTract 6
MD_AddressPreDirection 5
MD_CBSADivisionCode 5
MD_AddressPostDirection 5
MD_CountyFIPS 5
MD_PhoneSuffix 4
MD_AddressHouseNumber 4
MD_CensusBlock 4
MD_CarrierRoute 4
MD_Plus4 4
MD_PhonePrefix 3
MD_AreaCode 3
MD_NewAreaCode 3
MD_DeliveryPointCode 2
MD_CongressionalDistrict 2
MD_Gender 1
MD_DeliveryIndicator 1
MD_Gender2 1