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The PI Portal now works with Sub Users! Sub Users will be able to gain access to the PI Portal pages without having to create a new Melissa account, and will adopt the same configurations as the main account.

Sub Users can access both the Report Generation Page and Single Verification Form. If a Sub Users submits a record through the Single Verification Form, the transaction will be counted under the main Melissa account.

Getting Started

There are two requirements to start creating sub users.

  1. You will need to have a Melissa account with a valid login.
  2. The main Melissa account will need to have Personator Identity Activated before use.

If the two requirements are satisfied, then you can contact your Sales Representative to create a new sub user!

Registration Process

  1. Send your Sales Representative the email, first name, and last name of the Sub User that would like to sign up. You can send a list if multiple users are required.
  2. FirstName LastName Email
    Melissa Data
    Subuser One

  3. Your Sales Representative will perform checks and initiate the registration process.
  4. Each Sub User will receive an Email with the subject Melissa Account Sub-User Registration from
  5. Click on the Register as a Sub-User link on the email.
  6. Enter the Access Code from the email on the Sub-User Registration form.
  7. Fill out the following information on the form:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. User Name
    5. Password
  8. After successful registration, navigate to the PI Portal pages.
  9. Sign in as a Sub User.
    1. On the top right, click on Sign In → Sub-User.
    2. Fill in the main account email address found on the Melissa Account Sub-User Registration email.
    3. Fill in username and password.
  10. After successful login, you should be able to see your Name on the top right of the page.