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Business Verification (KYB)

Melissa’s Personator Identity tool can now identify and verify the legitimacy of businesses in multiple countries.

Business Verification’s goals:

  • Identify and verify businesses for any current and future B2B relationships.
  • Verify against government sources in multiple countries
  • Verify Company Name, Address, Business ID
  • Enrich Business information for select countries

Business Information

KYB can return the following business information for select countries if a match was found.

Field Name Meaning
Name Name of the business that matched
ID Business ID
Status Current status of the business
Type Type of business
Date Registration Date of the business

Data Sources

KYB can match to the following data sources internationally:

  • Business Registry
  • Court Records
  • Tax Registry
  • Regulatory Body
  • Commercial Directory

Example Input & Output


Company: Melissa Data
National ID: 123456ABC
Address: 22382 Avenida Empresa
Locality: Rancho Santa Margarita
AdministrativeArea: CA
Postal Code: 92688
Country: US


Organization Matched
Address Matched
Locality Matched
Administrative Area Matched
Postal Code Matched
National ID Matched