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Welcome to the Personator Search API. The Personator Search API is designed to enable the user to perform extremely flexible searches to Melissa Data’s consumer database. The Personator Search API is ideal for performing skip-tracing type searches, allowing you to search for consumer information with very limited amount of information, such as having just the person’s name. This flexible consumer search API also allows for restoring missing information from your data, which are typically not correctable, such as appending a missing address line, based off a person’s name and a general location such as a city.

The Personator Search API leverages a combination of a multitude of premium data sources, including consumer data, credit data, demographic data, government data, telco data, and several others. Through these combined sources, we are able to compile a database of billions of records containing current and historical data for an individual’s addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Here are some example search capabilities of the API:

  • An individual’s Current Address
  • An individual’s Previous Address
  • An individual’s Phone Numbers
  • An individual’s Email Addresses
  • Individuals living at an address
  • Individual/s tied to a phone number
  • Date of Birth and/or Date of Death
  • Name matches for a given area
  • Appended missing address line
  • Fuzzy Names/Nickname handling