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|ProductName=Presort Object
|ProductName=Presort Object
|ReleaseDate=November 2011
|ReleaseDate=November 2011

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Presort Object Info
Release Date November 2011
Current Build 1889
Supported Platform Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX, AIX
Supported Language Visual Basic, C++, C

Phone Object allows Web sites and custom applications to verify phone numbers down to 7 and 10 digits, update area codes, and append data about the phone number.





Current Build

Build 1889

Released November 2011

This is the initial release of the presort disc. Presort has been moved from the DQ Suite DVD to its own disc.

Changes from the previous Presort Object are:

First Class Mail
  • Postcards: Yes
  • Letters: Yes
  • Flats: Yes
  • Non Machinables: Yes
  • EMM Trays: Yes -Added
Standard Mail is working for the following sortations.
  • Profit: Yes
  • Non Profit: Yes -Added
  • Letters: Yes
  • Non Machinables: Yes
  • Flats: Yes -Added
  • Enhanced Carrier Route: Yes -Added
  • Destinations SCF/BMC: No
Presort has also been updated to use the latest rates.
Global Changes
New Licensing Mechanism
  • Melissa Data is introducing a new License mechanism. Instead of individual Licenses to each product, we can now issue one License to enable every object you are using. Additionally, this License key can be set as an environment variable (MD_LICENSE). This way, licenses can be changes or swapped out without recompiling your application. Of course, the current method of setting your license string will still work. Please reference the documentation under SetLicenseString for more details. A FAQ is also available here: http://www.melissadata.com/tech/set-environment-variable.htm

Build History