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Profiler Object Interface Navigation
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Data Input
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Result Codes

For each record to be profiled, call SetColumn or SetColumnNull for each column. After the values for all columns have been specified, call AddRecord to submit the record for profiling. Note that if SetColumn or SetColumnNull are called more than once for the same column before AddRecord is called, then the last function call's data will be used. Also, if neither SetColumn nor SetColumnNull are called before AddRecord, then the column is assumed to contain a NULL (i.e., the same as if you called SetColumnNull for that column.)


This function sets the value of the specific column.

This function takes two parameters.


Name Data Type Description
ColumnName String Column Name to set the value.
ColumnValue String Value for a specified column.

Syntax profiler->SetColumn(columnNameStr, valueString);
C mdProfilerSetColumn(profiler, ColumnName, ColumnValue);
.Net profiler.SetColumnSize(ColumnName, ColumnValue);


This function sets the Null value of the specific column.

This function takes one parameters.


Name Data Type Description
ColumnName String Column Name to set the value to NULL.

Syntax profiler->SetColumnNull(ColumnName);
C mdProfilerSetColumnNull(profiler, ColumnName);
.Net profiler.SetColumnNull(ColumnName);


This function submits the record’s column values for profiling. No Parameters are required. After calling AddRecord, the result for the current record will be available using GetResults.

Syntax profiler->AddRecrod();
C mdProfilerAddRecord(profiler);
.Net profiler.AddRecord();


This function retrieves result codes for each column in the submitted record. This should be called after AddRecord.

This function accepts one Parameter.


Name Data Type Description
ColumnName String Column Name to get the result codes.

Return Value

This returns a result codes specific to a column in string format.

Syntax profiler->GetResults(ColumnName);
C resultStr = mdProfilerGetResults(profiler, columnstr);
.Net resultStr = profiler.GetResults(columnstr);