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The Profiler allows the user to loop through every value, value length, pattern, date/time, sound of a value (Soundex), every word, and length of each word in a column to report how many times that element (value, length, pattern..etc) appears in the specified column.

All of the iterator functions have the same usage.

  • You call the Start function to initiate it's respective iterator, with the column name and the order parameters.
  • Then call the Get function(s) to get value(s) for a record.
  • Then the GetNext function to step to the next record. When the GetNext call returns false, there are no more values.

You do not have to completely run through each value and you can stop at any time. No function call is necessary to terminate an iterator. Also, you can reset the iterator by calling the Start function. You are allowed to have multiple iterators (of different types) active at the same time. However, you should be aware that each iterator may return a different number of values, so stepping through multiple iterators in a single loop construction is generally a bad idea. It is impossible for you to use multiple iterators (of the same type) at the same time.

Order Enumerations

This enumeration is used as an input parameter to several of the enumerator functions: StartDataFrequency, StartLengthFrequency, StartPatternFrequency, StartDateFrequency, StartSoundExFrequency, StartWordFrequency and StartWordLengthFrequency.

Value Name Description
0 OrderNone No particular order.
1 OrderValueAscending Values are ordered in Ascending order.
2 OrderValueDescending Values are ordered in Descending order.
3 OrderCountAscending Order by count in Ascending.
4 OrderCountDescending Order by count in Descending.