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This function returns a string value containing the current development release build number of the Profiler Object. This is usually a four-character string. If you are running the Demo version of Profiler Object, the word DEMO will be appended to the build number.

Syntax profiler->GetBuildNumber();
C const char* = mdProfilerGetBuildNumber(profiler);
.Net string = profiler.GetBuildNumber();


This function returns the date of your Profiler data files.

Syntax profiler->GetDatabaseDate();
C const char* = mdProfilerGetDatabaseDate(profiler);
.Net string = profiler.GetDatabaseDate();


This function returns the date when the current License Key expires. License Key issued by Melissa Data are valid a certain period of time. A License Key with an expired expiration date is no longer valid.

Syntax profiler->GetLicenseExpirationDate();
C const char* = mdProfilerGetLicenseExpirationDate(profiler);
.Net string = profiler.GetLicenseExpirationDate();


This function returns the profiling start date and time.

Syntax profiler->GetProfileStartDateTime();
C const char* = mdProfilerGetProfileStartDateTime(profiler);
.Net string = profiler.GetProfileStartDateTime();


This function returns the profiling end date and time.

Syntax profiler->GetProfileEndDateTime();
C const char* = mdProfilerGetProfileEndDateTime(profiler);
.Net string = profiler.GetProfileEndDateTime();