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Build 2395

Released June 2014

  • New improved search algorithm to handle situations where multiple records match user query. Added result codes to report info to user. YS05 and YCXX.

Build 2366

Released May 2014

  • Now using unstandardized address if AO was unable to code it (AS01/2/3).
    • Applies to both property address and mailing address.

Build 2339

Released March 2014

  • Minor enhancement of AddressKey validation.

Build 2301

Released December 2013

  • Added third search by mdPropertyFIPS and APN.

Data Quality Web Service Version 2

Released March 2008

New Features
  • DQWS Version 2 is the new and improved implementation of our Web Based Solutions.
  • The Services for the new DQWS are now separated into each of its own interfaces. The following web services are currently available:
    • AddressCheck
    • GeoCoder
    • RBDI
    • IPLocator