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Build 1070

Released September 2022

  • When providing an APN in the request, an exact match to the UnformattedAPN (including special characters) will now always match to that parcel instead of matching to an equivalent FormattedAPN (without special characters).

Build 1068

Released February 2022

  • The service should now return Property Use Group information again for most records. Some groups are now more specific than before.

Build 1067

Released January 2022

  • Reverted a change to how some response column groups behaved when no data was found by the service. If a column group is requested, the service should return all key-value pairs even if all values for that group are empty strings.

Build 1066

Released January 2022

  • The major data provider was replaced with a new source to maintain our standard of high quality data. Some benefits include:
    • Better overall property coverage.
    • Property Owner information should generally be fresher and include more consistent formatting for records with multiple owner names.
    • Formatting for data in general should be more consistent.
    • FormattedAPN should be populated more often.
  • Fixed record ordering issue when certain address data was left blank for records in batch POST requests.
  • Some fields have been deprecated and will no longer return data, see Property Web Service Deprecated Fields

Build 1031

Released June 2020

  • Changes made to core code to improve up-time and regional performance.
  • Standardized sorting of LookupProperty AssociatedParcels output for more consistent responses.
  • Standardized sorting of LookupDeeds records for more consistent responses.
  • Specific output columns may now be specified by requesting “GroupName.ColumnName” under “cols”.
    • Ex. Using LookupDeeds, you may request the column “PrimaryGrantor.Name1Full” to get just that column, as opposed to returning all columns in the PrimaryGrantor Group by requesting “grpPrimaryGrantor”.
  • Build History number formatting was changed from 5 digits to 4 digits.

Build 39981

Released September 2019

  • Added optional Pagination feature to LookupDeeds. You may now specify the number of Deeds you want returned. Deeds are still returned in reverse chronological order, with the most recent deed returned as the first record.
    • Ex. Perhaps an address has 9 records, but you only require the most recent record. You may use the Pagination option to request that only the most recent deed is returned by setting “page=1” under “opt”. See the LookupDeeds Request page for more detail on using this option.
  • TrustFlag output added to LookupProperty under PrimaryOwner Group.
  • Minor improvements to process for returning the best record for LookupProperty requests.

Build 27369

Released December 2018

  • Minor fixes

Build 24329

Released September 2018

  • Fixed truncation issue with TopogrophyCode and ConstructionFireResistanceClass fields
  • TaxBilledAmount, AreaLotDepth, AreaLotWidth include decimals now

Build 21452

Released July 2018

  • Added new descriptions option to web service that allows human/user friendly descriptions to be returned back in the web service response
  • Fixed issue where some APNs that were returned when doing a property lookup via an address, couldn’t then be found when using that APN to lookup the property
  • Added new InterestTypeChangeDate field to the LookupDeeds endpoint
  • Web service now returns back AE* (address error) result codes when using an invalid address to lookup a property to guide users on what errors/issues in the address prevented a lookup

Build 14092

Released January 2018

  • Minor fixes

Build 13811

Released January 2018

  • Initial Release