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Property Web Service Advisory

Melissa Global Intelligence is constantly seeking the cleanest, freshest, and most accurate data available for our clients. Data can be complicated, especially when it is sourced from so many different locations and recorded by many different people in varied ways.

Property data is obtained from local county offices all over the U.S. and must be standardized in a way that we can interpret this data and evaluate it for useful insights. This requires communication and custom processes for each of 3,000+ counties in the U.S. Another component to useful property information is timely and constant data updates, refreshes, and corrections. Our continuing data evaluation and industry experience informed our decision that we needed to change our major data provider to continue delivering the best data now and in the future.

Several candidates were considered, and after careful analyses, we have identified new sources with higher quality data as well as the necessary components for us to believe that their data will consistently improve in the future.

As of January 10th, 2022, we will be replacing our major back-end data source with the new provider. With this change, we expect much of the data to be either unaffected or improved. However, because our property service contains over 400 different output fields, we cannot guarantee that no users will be affected. A number of fields have been deprecated with this change; these can be viewed here. Rest assured that this is a significant overall improvement in the underlying data and a change that must have been undertaken to ensure the future health of this product.

We hope you will enjoy even better data than before as we move forward into 2022.