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2020 Census Data Update

On November 15th, SSIS Contact Verify - Cloud Processing, Global Verify and Personator components will feature the 2020 Census data update for US records! Census output fields affected include: Census Block, Census Tract and Census Key (Census Key is not available in Contact Verify). These fields will now return the 2020 Census values.

Personator Component

The Personator component is now able to return the 2010 Census Key values using a new option: DecennialCensusKey.

You can access the 2010 Census Key values by using the DecennialCensusKey Option in the Personator Component. When this option is turned on, it will use the 2010 Census data values for the CensusKey output field, instead of using the 2020 CensusKey data.

The Decennial CensusKey option can be found in the Processing Options tab under the Geo Options section in the Personator component interface: SSIS Personator Component - Processing Options - Geo Options