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Advanced Configuration
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Advanced Configuration is located in the Generalized Cleanser Component under File > Advanced Configuration.

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Generalized Cleanser SSIS Component

Either the component version or build number will assist Melissa Data Technical Support in determining if you have the latest software installed on your system.

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Component Version
The version number of the component installed on your local system.
Build Number
The build number of the Generalized Cleanser installed on your local system.
Generalized Cleanser Library Build
The build number of the Generalized Cleanser Library.


License Key
This is where you enter your License Key given to you by your Melissa Data Sales Representative.
License Expiration
This will show you when your License Key will expire.
Customer ID
This will automatically update to your Customer ID if you have a valid License Key.

Generalized Cleanser Settings

Data File Path
This should point to the folder containing your .dat file for the Generalized Cleanser.
Test Configuration
This will test your License Key and ensure you have authorization to use the Generalized Cleanser.