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Generalized Cleanser Navigation
Advanced Configuration
Expression Builder
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The following steps will guide you in the basic usage of Generalized Cleanser Component for SSIS.

Advanced Configuration

In the Generalized Cleanser Component, navigate to File > Advanced Configuration.

SSIS GC Advanced.png

Set up the Generalized Cleanser Advanced Configuration. See Advanced Configuration.

Add Component

To add Generalized Cleanser Component to your project, drag the component onto the Data Flow screen. This will add the Generalized Cleanser Component into your workflow.

SSIS GC Tutorial Component.png

Connect Input

Select a data flow source to be your input data. Many formats can be used as sources:

  • Excel Files
  • Flat Files
  • Access Input Data Sources

Connect this Data Source to the Generalized Cleanser Component by clicking on your Data Source and dragging to the Generalized Cleanser Component.

SSIS GC Tutorial Input.png

Configure Component

Double click the Generalized Cleanser Component to bring up the interface.

Source Fields

These are the columns of your records.

SSIS GC Source.png

Cleansing Details

These are the rules you are creating to cleanse your data. The following rules are available for your use:

  • Case
  • Punctuation
  • Expression
  • Regular Expression Search Replace
  • Text Search Replace

For more information, see Cleansing Details.

SSIS GC CleansingDetails.png


There are 3 triggers that you can use to determine whether or not a rule should be used for a record:

  • None
  • Expression
  • Regular Expression

For more information, see Triggers.

Add Rules

Create rules that will enable you to use this rule for multiple source fields. Here you can create a name and description for this rule.

SSIS GC Rules.png

After you have created your new rule, you may select it in the “Operation Rule” field on the main page of the Generalized Cleanser Component.

SSIS GC RuleOperation.png

It is highly recommended to create a new rule for each source field.

Expression Builder

You can use our expression builder to build your own expressions and save them for future use as a Pre-Built Expression. You can also use this to test your custom built expression to ensure correct syntax.

SSIS GC ExpressionBuilder.png

Connect Output

Select the desired output destination type and click and drag from the Generalized Cleanser Component to the Destination Output. Once they are connected, configure your output.

SSIS GC Tutorial Output.png

Save Settings

Click File and select Save All to save everything in your project.

SSIS Tutorial Save.png

Run Project

Now the project is ready to run.